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League Weight Limits

NCYFL 2022 Age and Weight Chart

Age Birthdate Range Roster Weight Game Weight Limit
7 12/1/14 – 11/30/15 90 100
8 12/1/13 – 11/30/14 100 110
9 12/1/12 – 11/30/13 120* 130*
10 12/1/11 – 11/30/12 130* 140*
11 12/1/10 – 11/30/11 140* 150*

The league weigh-in will be late August, shorts and shirts only. A heavy player is permitted to play “up” one Age Division only. Roster Weight is the weight of a player at the league weigh-in; Game Weight is the weight of a player with equipment prior to each game. There are absolutely NO exceptions to the Roster or Game Weights.

Player Equipment

Each player will need:

  • Gold Titans Football Helmet with face mask and chinstrap (provided by the Titans)
  • Shoulder Pads (provided by the Titans)
  • Mouthpiece connected to face mask (provided by the players)
  • Gold Football Game Pants (provided by the Titans)
  • Green Football Practice Pants (provided by the Titans)
  • Protective Cup
  • Cleats (molded plastic or rubber cleats only-no screw in or metal cleats)

Optional Equipment: 

  • Rib pads (built into shirt are recommended)
  • Receiver or Lineman gloves
  • Arm pads
  • Cold Gear for under uniform

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